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Is your relationship suffering from a past hurt or trauma? Whether you are searching for marriage counseling in Nashville, TN or relationship counseling, my couples therapy can help you begin to heal in your relationship and move forward to a brighter future with many years together. The goal of couples therapy is to help restore communication, trust and move back towards a passionate connection, where you want each other. First, we'll deal with past relationship trauma. This could have been an affair, a result of an addiction or habit, emotional or verbal abuse, disagreements over children or disagreements over money. All these things and many others can bring pain in to a relationship when they're not handled correctly. I will help you learn to make different choices that effect both partners in the relationship differently. By taking a step and asking for help, you're already on the right track. It shows you are still committed to bring solutions and positive change to the relationship. 

Many couples who find themselves in therapy are that the end of their rope. At this point they may just want to avoid divorce. We'll explore several marriage issues and relationship problems. The goal is to have you happy in your relationship and passionate about each other again. I don't want you to feel like you have to survive marriage. I want you to be excited about your marriage and your spouse. We'll learn to focus on our strengths rather than push back on our partners weaknesses and avoid patterns that can lead to further destruction in the relationship. 

If you need marriage counseling in Nashville, TN contact me at Inspiration Life Coaching LLC. Together, we'll implement reliable methods that have proven to be effective in many relationships.

Call for a free 30-45 minute consultation with an experienced marriage counselor and get your relationship on the road to recovery.

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